Choosing the Best Webflow Plan for You

January 29, 2024
3 mins

Webflow, a powerful website builder, offers a variety of plans to cater to different needs. However, choosing the right plan can be a daunting task due to the multitude of options.

This guide aims to demystify Webflow’s pricing and help you select the best plan for your specific requirements.

Understanding Webflow Pricing

Webflow’s pricing is divided into two main categories: Site Plans and Workspace Plans.

Site Plans

Site Plans are ideal for those who need a single, published website, be it a blog, business website, or online store. These plans allow you to host your site on Webflow and use a custom domain. The differences between the Site Plans lie mainly in the storage and traffic limits, as well as the features available.

Non-Ecommerce Site Plans

These plans are suitable for blogs, personal sites, and business websites. They include:


The Starter plan is a free plan that allows you to build up to two websites with Webflow. It’s a great option for beginners who are just getting started with website design and want to learn the ropes without any financial commitment


The Basic plan is ideal for small, simple websites. This plan includes:

  • Custom domain
  • Up to 150 pages
  • 500 form submissions per month
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • 250k visitors

This plan does not include CMS, so you will need at least some coding experience to work with this one.


The CMS plan is best for blogs, large portfolios, or other content-heavy sites. This plan includes:

  • Custom domain
  • Up to 150 pages
  • 2k CMS items
  • 1k form submissions per month
  • 3 content editors
  • Site search
  • 200 GB bandwidth
  • 250k visitors

Best for blogs, large portfolios, or other content-heavy sites. If you’re planning to regularly update your site with new content, this plan offers the tools you need to easily manage and update your site.


The Business plan is suitable for high-traffic websites or blogs. This plan includes:

  • Custom domain
  • Up to 150 pages
  • 10k CMS items
  • 2.5k form submissions per month
  • 10 content editors
  • Site search
  • Form file upload
  • 400 GB bandwidth
  • 300k visitors

Suitable for high-traffic websites or blogs. This plan offers higher limits for site visits and form submissions, making it a good choice for businesses that expect a lot of traffic.

Workspace Plans

Workspace Plans are designed for freelancers, agencies, and teams who need multiple projects. These plans do not host your site on Webflow.

The cheapest Workspace plan, Core, costs $19/month for up to 10 projects. These plans are perfect for web design professionals who need to work on multiple projects at once.

Every site built in Webflow automatically lives inside of a Workspace. Paid Workspace plans specifically unlock the ability to invite other people to collaborate and build in Webflow. Upgraded Workspaces also give your team the ability to build more free sites.

Webflow has Workspace plans for teams of every size. Since Workspace plans are charged per seat, you can choose the Workspace plan that works best for you.

Webflow also offers different types of Workspace plans depending on who you work with: Workspace plans for in-house teams (Core or Growth plans) and Workspace plans for freelancers or agencies who build sites for clients (Freelancer or Agency plans).

Choosing the Right Plan

The choice of the right plan depends on your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Number of Websites: If you need to build more than two websites, consider a paid plan. The number of websites you can create increases with each tier of the Site Plans.
  • Traffic and Storage: Choose a plan that can handle your expected website traffic and storage needs. Higher-tier plans offer more storage and can handle more monthly visits.
  • Features: Ensure the plan includes the features you need, such as form submissions, site search, and more. Some features, like advanced SEO tools and site search, are only available on higher-tier plans.
  • Budget: Consider your budget. The cost of plans varies, starting from free to higher-priced options. It’s important to choose a plan that fits within your budget while still meeting your needs.


Choosing the right Webflow plan involves understanding your needs and matching them with the features and pricing of the available plans. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a larger team, there’s a Webflow plan that’s just right for you.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to choose a plan that offers the best value for your needs. So, take your time, evaluate your options, and make an informed decision. Happy building with Webflow!

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